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Combine your BIM model with the real Building

features 7. BIM

The value of BIM

Elevate the Visibility of Your Project with this Integration for Construction Surveillance. Integrating a BIM model into our software radically transforms your project team’s interaction and collaboration with Leading BIM models.

Our platform is designed to streamline the work of project teams by breaking down the barriers of digital tools and making data available to those who need it

Why Add BIM?

  • Compare the project as built with the BIM model at any point in time helping you to track progress and quality.
  • Showcase your project to shareholders.
  • Verify that your project is on-time.
  • Save cost and resources.
  • Greater efficiency.
  • Improve communications and coordination.

How to Use BIM?

  • Identify the project milestones
  • Use the timeline on the bottom of the screen to see the progress.
  • Switch between the layers of your BIM model

Benefits of BIM

Compare what is happening onsite to the plan Zoom in & out and rotate around the BIM. Measure distances inside and outside the building. Use tagging to share information with other people. Access all SnapAll features through live camera view.



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