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Recordings for In-Depth Analysis

SnapAll site cameras record every event at your construction site locally and on the cloud, always in high resolution


Never Miss a Moment

Watch the entire development of your construction project with High-Res Videos & Timelapses and ease by accessing the ‘Recordings‘ section of the SnapAll dashboard. Using our intuitive interface, explore recordings organized by date and time, create clips, and store them in your archive. All recordings are stored in real time in the cloud, ensuring instant access to your footage without waiting

never miss a moment

The Adventages of Recording your project

Health & Safety: Capture every incident that happened on your construction site and own the evidence

Social media: create short clips to highlight an event that happened on your site and promote your project

Communications: Share progress updates internally with project stakeholders

weather data

Historical weather data

Review the past and see if weather conditions were the cause of delays by examining the amount of precipitation, storms, or snowfall that could affect claims or liability, including measurements of temperature, humidity, and wind


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