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Unveiling the Comprehensive Features of SnapAll

A Deep Dive into Our Innovative Tools and Capabilities for Costruction Sites

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Snapall AI

Real-time remote monitoring and reporting from a centralized web app.

Seamless integration with existing internet-provided cameras, no new hardware needed.

Compliance with GDPR and local privacy regulations through automatic image blurring.

Time lapse videos produced automatically to showcase entire days of work in a couple of minutes.

Download, filter, compare and share images from your construction site on your social medias.

Secure storage of all project files on our encrypted servers, accessible anytime.

Built-in graphic image editor for enhanced project visualization and reporting with BIMs.

Proactive, AI-driven alerts for project milestones and safety hazards.

Privacy and Safety

Using its neural network, SnapAll is able to detect and blur sensitive data such as faces, bodies, and license plates in real time. This same artificial intelligence also monitors security hazards, alerting users to any problems in real time.

Our advanced software not only ensures compliance with European GDPR regulations, but also adheres to local security standards, providing a complete solution for privacy and site security.


Create your instant Time-lapse videos designed for Project Managers, Homeowners, Architects & Engineers, Construction Companies, Real estate investors, Marketing and communication

Our platform allows quick and easy access to all the best project management tools. The images and data made available by Timelapse Lab can easily be connected to the most common management systems such as Procore, AutoDesk BIM and Melawork. Upload, organise, share and connect your entire team on one platform

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1. timelapse

Your Construction Site, Live and Accesibile 24/7 from Anywhere in the world!

SnapAll site cameras record every event at your construction site locally and on the cloud, always in high resolution

gate report

Receive a daily report detailing every vehicle’s entry, exit, and duration spent on your site. View any vehicle on your premises with a simple click, directly from your cloud recordings

With the X-Ray Tool, run scans to compare completed work with the current state of the project, for example: view the interior of a building before the facade has been installed

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features 7. BIM

Combine your BIM model with the real Building

Seamlessly connect stakeholders to your site, regardless of their location! Send scheduled time-lapse images of your site to an unlimited number of email recipients, keeping everyone closely connected to your project without sharing camera access.


Capture every detail of your project.

Compare before and after images from your camera to see how your project has progressed over time

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