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Gate Report

Monitoring the progress of your site through automatic reports, detailed data and strategic insights

gate report

We supply the data essential for comparing with your own reports

Avoid extra costs from disputes with a timestamped log of all vehicle site entries & exits

Monitor material arrivals and departures for project cost management and utilize this data for upcoming cost forecasts.

Detection construction equipment
  • How Many Excavators Were Used Last Month?
  • What Is The Exact Amount Of Soil That Was Excavated And
  • Removed From The Site 11 Weeks Ago?
  • How Can I Independently Validate This In The Invoice Submitted For Payment?


Our Gate Report identifies all vehicles entering and leaving your site, providing you with a report integrated into the app and in PDF format


Receive a daily report detailing every vehicle’s entry, exit, and duration spent on your site. View any vehicle on your premises with a simple click, directly from your cloud recordings

never miss a moment
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Our software not only ensures compliance with European GDPR regulations, but also adheres to local security standards, providing a complete solution for privacy and site security.


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