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About us

Monitor the progress of your works like never before. Our software integrates effortlessly with your existing surveillance cameras, no added software required and no hidden cost!

What we do

SnapAll is a smart, real-time construction site monitoring software that simplifies industry 4.0 technologies making them accessible to homeowners, construction companies, and real-estate investors. The platform seamlessly integrates with any existing camera connected to the internet, allowing for complete, fast, and easy project oversight directly from your smartphone via automatic timelapses and smart reports.

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Why we do

Why we do

Our mission is to enhance transparency within the construction industry. Our technology thrives on the achievements of our valued customers. Each of our products has been meticulously crafted to address the daily challenges encountered by our clients. We are dedicated to dismantling barriers and ensuring that visual communication tools such as construction devices, site analytics, and BIM are within reach for all.

How we do​

After a quick setup of your personal account, SnapAll syncs with your existing cameras by WiFi or network cable. Once connected, you can start remotely monitor progress, receive real-time alerts, and access a secure file storage system—all through a user-friendly web app.

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