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Empowering Innovation with Machine Learning

Integrate intelligence into your time-lapse cameras with the application of Machine Learning.

Machine Learning methods are now adept at accurately recognizing objects in videos, like trucks being loaded or excavators at work, creating insightful reports on site activity and progress.

We aim to assist project managers, constructors, and engineers in accessing real-time data and providing a live view of current activities on the site.


Report Analytics

  1. How Many Excavators Were Used Last Month?
  2. What Is The Exact Amount Of Soil That Was Excavated And Removed From The Site 11 Weeks Ago?
  3. How Can I Independently Validate This In The Invoice Submitted For Payment?


Detection construction equipment

Project Insights with Construction Timelapse Analytics: our Gate Report identifies all vehicles entering and leaving your site, providing you with a report integrated into the app and in PDF format.


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